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Nov 27, 2012 2:30pm PST
>> hello and welcome to the "journal" here on dw. >> our top story this hour -- a deal for greece. more bailout money and a new debt reduction plan. all the reaction from athens. >> the remains of yasser arafat are resumed. was he poisoned by his enemies? >> and mozart made over. how a new performance of "the magic flute" is allowing audiences in berlin -- wowing audiences in berlin. >> the greek prime minister has welcomed the european union international monetary fund bailout deal for athens as a new dawn after months of haggling. with the country on the brink of bankruptcy, the agreement will unlock almost 44 billion euros in cash. >> but many in greece are angry that the pact will mean more austerity and job cuts. opponents say it will not solve the country's problems. >> european finance chiefs are all smiles again. a solution for greece appears in sight thanks to a new set of measures meant to plug the country's cash gap and curb debt long-term. >> i am please to announce today we reached a political agreement on the next disbursement to greece. let me first say that this is
Nov 13, 2012 2:30pm PST
and imf clash over how long greece should be given to reduce its debts. >> america's commander in afghanistan under investigation after new revelations in the cia sex scandal. >> in cairo, eu foreign ministers and members of the arab league discuss the syrian crisis. the lenders in charge of patching up the eurozone have gone head to head in a very public disagreement on the best way to deal with grease. >> at a meeting in brussels, the head of the imf and -- the heads of the imf and eurozone clashed over when greece should reduce its debt. >> but they did at least agree on a few things -- above all the grece could have at least two years to cut deficit. >> it is a question of how much progress greece can realistically be expected to make in a particular amount of time. >> greece's international lenders were playing down their differences the morning after the clash over athens' debts. the imf wants greece to achieve its lower ratio by 2020 while the eu foreign ministers want to allow the country two more years. >> there's no disagreement between the imf and the euro group, but
Nov 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
for the information down. turning now to greece which is hoping to finally get the next installment of the much needed international bailout, the finance ministers are now meeting in brussels. >> it may be imminent. the 31.5 billion euro payout that they need to stay afloat. >> this is the third reading of this kind in as many >> the euro group president needs to get a result of soon. finance ministers from across these on have spent the last three weeks trying to finalize arrangements for the next payout. >> i came to find a solution. we are not thinking about failure. >> even if the ministers to reach an agreement on the next tranche of a greek aid, the fundamental question remains -- how can greece shoulder the debt long term? the eurozone wants to give greece more time, but the imf is calling for a hair cut meaning some investors would not get their money back. >> we will work for a solution that helps grease. >> we cannot make guarantees while we're still working on restructuring and debt. this is a standpoint we all agree on. that is what everyone said two weeks ago. >> and now may not be the ti
Nov 12, 2012 6:30pm PST
. >> here's what's coming up in the next half hour. one week away from bankruptcy. they did that greece has made progress. >> the german chancellor putting praise on portugal for their austerity lefferts but does not get a warm welcome during her visit. >> taylor swift sweeping the european mtv awards and psy takes home a prize. >> the international creditors were set to give a greece or time to meet the debt reduction projects. they suggested giving a two-year extension but it will let some other media problems. >> european a finance ministers as they could not expect their next tranche unsold late discuss it. they could be facing bankruptcy by the end of the week. >> he said the tone of the troicha's report was positive. they want to look at whether are enough has been done in. >> we have to be faro. before a decision is made, we have to debate the issue. why are on schedule and we know what our responsibilities are but we must get to the rules. >> some questions remain unanswered. for example, how to close the gap and they're given extra time to the house in order. moscovici is pushing f
FOX Business
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
but it will be interesting to watch. >>> oil prices dropping for a second day in a row due to a large part of greece and their never ending economic problems. sounds familiar. european finance ministers are now delaying the next round of greece bailout loans because greece's own international creditors can't figure out how to get the program back on track. here's what i want to know. will the ripple effects cause a collapse on oil prices here in the u.s.? and what does that mean for us at the pump? this is what we care about in this whole greece thing. joining me, patrick dehaan, senior petroleum analyst from what do you think about all this because it looks like oil prices are pretty darn weak for a number of reasons and that could be really good news for all of us? >> could be really good news and perhaps there is some bad news in there as well that is if oil prices go down, or if we go off this fiscal cliff, oil prices could collapse again. we could see a repeat of 2008-2009 recession where oil prices dropped to 50 bucks a barrel. lower gas prices certainly is good news but for all
Nov 30, 2012 2:30pm PST
of protest. >> the german parliament approves billions in loans and guarantees to save greece from bankruptcy. >> with more and more shoppers seeking out handcrafted and traditional gifts, germany's famous christmas markets struggled to keep up with the demand. tens of thousands of egyptians are out protesting against president morsi at this hour after an islamist-led assembly raced through the approval of a new constitution, a move to end the crisis. >> the document is based on sharia law. critics say it ignores fundamental democratic principles and marginalizes the nation's large christian populations. it has set the stage for conflict in a more increasingly divided nation. >> opponents of the president are outraged at the document adopted by the assembly. protesters are maintaining a vigil, and demonstrations are growing. critics warn that egypt is fast becoming an islamic state. >> hosni mubarak never divided the egyptian people. now, there is president morsi, and we do not know if he is the president of egypt or the president of the muslim brotherhood. >> islamists who dominate the assem
Nov 21, 2012 4:00am EST
to agree on how to solve greece's debt problems. the latest delay weighing on stocks in europe. >>> the fbi launches a probe into the accounting issues in the hewlitt packard autonomy deal. the former boss of the british company hit back at the accusations in a cnbc interview. >> the first we heard about it was a press release and we utterly refuse them. these are absolutely incorrect. we'd like to learn more about them. i'm afraid the details haven't been shared with us. >>> hillary clinton joins egypt in attempting to broke aerodeal between israel and hamas. strikes on gaza and rocket attacks into israel continue. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> all right, we're into hump day, the day before thanksgiving, of course, as well. on today's show, we'll have updates from athens and brussels as the eurozone ministers fail to ruse a deal for greece. air strikes and rocket fire continue in the gaza strip in tel aviv, as hillary clinton urges both sides to diffuse violence. we'll have the latest live from zree israeli. we'll also take t
Nov 23, 2012 12:00am PST
. then, we turn to greece's financial crisis. paul solman offers an inside look at the negotiations to tackle the debt problems. >> as both knowledgeable outsiders and insiders attest, the tug-of-war between europe's borrowers and lenders continues and probably will, for years. >> sreenivasan: many americans are headed to the mall tonight after finishing thanksgiving dinner. we examine how black friday has morphed into gray thursday. jeffrey brown has another thanksgiving day story about a turn of the century photographer who documented the lives of native americans. >> he ended up being the largest traffic odyssey in american history. he ended up doing 2,200 pages of text telling life stories, diets habits, sex lives. it's documentaries of lives and nations and people and one man did it all. >> sreenivasan: and we close with an encore look at a story about china's moves to satisfy a growing demand for meat. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... th
Nov 27, 2012 4:00am EST
markets cheer a ground breaking deal for greece, they agree to reduce debt levels, cut interest rates and extend the maturity of existing loans. mark carney prepares to take up the reigns of the uk economy any. unlikely to be any good news. third quarter gd figures expected to be revised down. and it's point, click, buy. americans were doing plenty of that yesterdays as early reports suggest online holiday sales soared on cyber monday. and all bets are off. prediction market entrade says it can no longer accept u.s. customers as market regulators say its trades aren't legal. shanghai composite closed below 2,000 for the first time in three years. it comes at a time when plenty have been talking up chinese growth prospects for next year. so we'll get into that more later. but 1991 is the closing level. this the main one to watch across asia. the nikkei did manage to continue it rally adding about 0.4% as the yen weakens on comments this morning. forex, the dollar-yen one to watch, 82.19 is the level there. the aussie dollar doing a little bit abouter despite that weak number on the sha
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am EST
. >> meanwhile greece will have to wait another week for a crucial loan amid a spate over athens debt prediction time table. christine lagarde has been open in her disagreement. >> from you'our perspective, th sustainability of greece has to be measured in 2020, and our target is 120%. >> against this backdrop, greece planning to auction as a part of refinancing 5 billion euros of debt that has to be paid on friday. it is the 16th on friday. >> i believe so. >> so joining us now in london is justin knight, head of european rate strategy. patrick stays around, as well. justin, thanks for joining us. first of all, this little spat on the two year extension, how much >> of course they're politicians and in jean claude's own words, different circumstances. they have to get reelected. christine lagarde is head of the imf and the imf needs to get the problem sorted out as quickly as possible regardless of political concerns. so you can see which way they're coming from here. as i say, the mnumber 120% is plucked out of the air. there already appears differences over what the current 2020 is, some are
Nov 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
crisis will require more unity. >> and a parliamentary vote on another round of austerity cuts in greece. >> thanks for joining us. barack obama has won his second term in office as president of the united states, but his celebrations will be short-lived as the multitude of urgent issues on his desk draws him back to work without delay. >> the first order of business will be to negotiate a new budget deal in congress by the end of the year. otherwise, and harsh plan of spending cuts and tax increases are due to go into effect. we will hear more about that later on in the show, but first, a look back at how things play out on election night in the u.s. >> his face said it all -- president barack obama had to fight hard to keep his job in a tough race against his republican challenger, but once the result was clear, his first message to the american people was one of unity. >> it does not matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. it does not matter weather you are black or white or hispanic or asian or native american or young or old or rich or poor
Nov 27, 2012 4:30pm PST
'm susie gharib. greece gets a badly needed bailout and avoids bankruptcy. a look at what the deal means for europe and american investors. >> tom: and it's "givng tuesday," a new effort to add charity to your gift list this holiday season. >> susie: that and more tonight on nbr! >> tom: a lengthy courtship finally resulted in the marriage today between conagra foods and ralcorp. conagra is paying $5 billion to buy private label food giant ralcorp. that works out to $90 a share, a nearly 30% premium to ralcorp's closing stock price on monday. the deal will make conagra the largest manufacturer of private label foods. suzanne pratt takes a look at what's become a booming business. >> reporter: it used to be consumers would buy private label products to clean their bathrooms or wash their clothes. lately, however, they're eating them, too. from sodas to peanut butter, private label brands are shaking off the yuck! stigma and attracting value-conscious customers. and it's the popularity of private label food that's behind the tasty conagra-ralcorp deal. >> private label, otherwise known as
Nov 26, 2012 4:00am PST
they are going to try to make a deal. and is europe just buying greece? today finance minterred meet again to talk about releasing more billions your rows. >>> and now tim, he is the managing partner, so, tim, the eu, they are met meting again today and it still looks like they need money to go to greece. how much are traders going be paying attention to this? >> well, i think it is going p quite a bit of attention because it is a critical issues. and after three years of rescuing it is not going to go away. but i would say that judging from the action in the greek bond market yields have fallen and traders expect some sort of deal. and i i think they are going come to an 11th hour agreement. as they usually do. based on the bond market action and in greece, it looks like traders to leaning towards a resolve. of the issue? >> there has to be some turn around? >> yes, there has to be a forgiveness or a non-payment of interest for a peer quad of time or even write down which is what germany really doesn't want. and they want the ecb to step in and buy some short term womens. so it is really
Nov 12, 2012 4:00am EST
at their meeting today. lorenzo tells cnbc greece needs more time and he's urged europe to extend the company's debt maturities. plus president obama will get a lot of input this week from civic leaders on how to tackle the looming fiscal cliff before he sits down with house and senate leaders on friday. we're up and running for a fresh week of global business news. we'll hear from kelly fairly shortly. also on today's program, we'll be in brussels ahead of the important euro group meeting. focus there on greece and the eu budget. after the weekend, talks collapsed. and the annual world energy outlook report in an hour and plus analysis of where oil prices can be headed. and best buy gets set to join the tablet wars with it insignia flex. what can it offer to customers that the ipad, kindle 5 and surface can't. the first japanese government may be forcesed to lower its outlook for the economy, this after reporting an 8.9% fall in third quarter gdp. at this rate, already in recession. the government's attempts at a moderate recovery has been made more difficult by tensions with china. now pres
Nov 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
. >> susie: european leaders agreed today on a deal to give greece more cash so it avoids a default, and investors around the world welcomed the agreement. here are the specifics: greece will get almost $60 billion in bailout money, loans were extended for 15 years, and interest payments deferred. in return, greece has to implement wide-ranging cuts and reforms. joining us now with analysis on the deal, joseph tanious, global market strategist at j.p. morgan funds. >> susie: so, joe, is this deal enough to get greece back on its feet? >> i think it certainly is a step in the right direction. and it was certainly more generous than i think many people had feared. however, if we're talking about getting greece back on its feet, it involves finding a way to help greece's economy actually return to growth. while some of the terms of the deals were a little more favorable than many had feared, at the end of the day, you have to find a way to help these economies grow. that probably means pausing some of that austerity. >> susie: you talk about it being a favorable deal, and you picture t
Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
190%. the head of the imf has suggested that greece may require another write-down on its mountain of debt. >> it's a question of working hard, cutting your mind to it, making sure that we focus on the same objective, which is that the country in particular, greece, cannot continue on this unsustainable basis. >> europe is split on whether that is the right course of action. some argue agree should be given more time to get their finances in order, but doing that would come at a hefty price. >> moving to the markets now of the latest discussions on greece did not seem to influence investors. >> markets have a strong start this week. we have this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> on the floor of the frankfurt exchange, they are more often as --optimistic on greece. they believed greece will get the next rescue payments. the germans dax wiped out almost all its losses from last week. there are promising signs in the u.s. that both parties are coming closer in budget talks. shares of this construction company is looking for more power out of their german parents and traders
Nov 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
. the government has already signaled its intent. >> we are waiting. that is the message from greece after another delay in its latest bailout payments. >> the greek prime minister says there's no justification for that delay. he has been voicing frustration after eurozone finance ministers failed to greenlight the payment despite 11 hours of overnight talks in brussels. >> they will give it another shot next monday. ordinary greeks are wondering when the uncertainty will finally end. >> the mood was somber on the streets of greek cities as people that just the bad news from brussels -- as people digested the bad news from brussels. >> i do not know if i to make a difference to our everyday lives. the measures that have been taken thus far have already left us in poverty. all i had to say is that the people are very disappointed. >> the government says it has done all it can to comply with the demands of international creditors, and the eurozone countries and imf must keep their part of the bargain. with state bankruptcy looming, athens has issued treasury bills with shorter maturity as a way of r
Nov 20, 2012 4:00am EST
on thursday. the focus squarely on greece. officials are expected to sign off in principal the next tranche of aid to athens. let's get over to julia in athens. are they expecting the money? >> i think there's a definite sense of optimism from officials here that eventually they'll get the first part, the 30 billion euros, and then later on on in january of next year they'll get the next piece. that's speculation here on the ground and, yes, this is a sense of on optimism and people i'm speaking to in the markets said you had hedge funds yesterday buying g ining greek paper and domestic buyers. but there is recognition that a lot of work needs to be done not just with regards to the austerity measures that were passed just two weeks ago, they of course front loaded in to 2013. so the situation is ongoing. but one of the other key issues that the troica pushed the government to address is reform of the tax system. i caught up with the publish of the lagarde list and this lagarde list was produced by christine lagarde back in 2010, the lists were given to various different countries. now, the
Nov 14, 2012 2:30pm PST
are conducting a strike on the very same day. >> strikes are under way in greece, italy, and france, and railway workers in belgium have also walked off the job for 24 hours, affecting both domestic and international services. >> let's go live down to spain now. miles thompson joins us on the line from madrid. what is the latest? >> well, there have been a number of demonstrators, but at the moment, i am on the streets, and it is relatively quiet. as a whole, there were many shops that close, especially smaller businesses, but life can at least continue without disturbances if there are many people working at the moment. >> the rhetoric is getting quite stronger. as we heard, one leader there is calling austerity a suicidal policy. how widespread is that, do you think? >> what we have to be careful about is separating support for the trade unions and general anger among the population. certainly, what the trade leader -- what the trade union leader does ring true with a large number of people unemployed at the moment and an economy in deep recession, but at the same time, there are people who re
Nov 15, 2012 2:30pm PST
generally. >> he told reporters that france remain committed to keeping greece in the eurozone and said it was in the interests of all eurozone countries to show solidarity with debt-stricken member states. for more on this now, we're joined from our parliamentary studios by our political correspondent. there's been an awful lot of talk about deteriorating franco- german relations recently. what can you say after this visit? >> for the last six months, there has been quite a bit of tension mainly because angela merkel came out during the last presidential elections in france, very openly for nicholas sarkozy, which got her off on to a very bad start with the current french president, but the experience of governing in the last six months in france has toned down the criticism from hollande and his prime minister. they realize they cannot fulfil, have not been able to yet, many of the pledges they made during the election. the atmosphere is, on the surface at least, a little bit better. >> considering all the problems in the eurozone right now, can germany and france really hold europe t
Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
are holding a key meeting in brussels to decide whether greece should get the next tranche of bailout money. athens needs the money to avoid going bankrupt within days. >> lagarde disagrees about the best way to help greece get their national debt down to a sustainable level. and looks like another top the negotiations in brussels. >> eurozone finance ministers and the chief of the imf did not entirely cia wide. lagarde is opposed to the idea of giving athens two warriors together better control -- to get their debt under control. >> it would be optimistic to expect the next steps to be shrouded in college, but there's no doubt that greece has delivered. we still need to agree on some details, but i think there's a good chance we will reach agreement this evening. of course, it cannot be 100% sure. >> there were also disagreements among all the rows of finance ministers, especially about an extension to greece's budget targets. >> the plan and, as it now stands, includes a funding gap that needs to be plugged. as they did not need to plug the gap, we would not need to have the meeting. i ho
Nov 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
getting postponed so the prime minister of greece strongly urged the early provision of additional bailout. the appeal was made after eurozone finance ministers failed again to reach a deal. finance ministers from the 17 eurozone countries gathered in bus zells earlier this week to discuss the extra rescue funds of 31.5 billion euros for greece. however, the talks stalled so they decided to meet again next monday. samanas released a statement on wednesday. he said greece did what it had to do and "our partners in the imf have a duty to do what they have taken on." he said the stability of the entire eurozone depends on the outcome of the next meeting. greece is becoming frustrated over the delay in the bailout decision. greek lawmakers approved extra austerity measures worth over 13 billion euros earlier this month. >>> let's take a check on the markets. the yen is being sold against both the d euro on speculation that japan's central bank may take additional monetary easing measures. the dollar/yen is currently 82.51-54. the euro/yen is 106.07-12. analysts say that the yen's fall is also
Nov 27, 2012 12:00pm PST
pickup. >>> today eurozone finance ministers decided to release billions of dollars of loans to greece. the finance ministers and the imf agreed to loan greece $57 billion. greece will also get billions in additional debt relief. this is the latest effort to help greece stabilize its ailing economy. however, austerity measures are also part of the bailout package. >>> more than 100,000 people packed cairo's tahrir square chanting against egypt's president who they say wants to become a dictator. [ chanting ] >> police are fighting back demonstrators with tear gas. so far at least one person is dead and almost 400 injured as a result of the violence. >>> forensic teams in the west bank city of ramallah have exhumed the body of yasser arafat. a big blue tarp surrounded his grave as workers drilled through layers of concrete to reach the tomb. a murder investigation began last summer after a swiss lab found high levels of a deadly radioactive substance on arafat's clothing. now investigators have taken samples from his remains to determine if he was in fact poisoned. >>> heavy rains are f
Nov 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
are on the rise again in ireland. radical extremists -- why immigrants in greece are living in fear. and in danger paradise. the peace between catholics and protestants in island was struck nearly 14 years ago, ending decades of bloody conflict. more than 3000 people lost their lives. a lot has changed since then. former ira members make up the regional government together with protestants, but radical government still threaten -- radical militants threatened peace. the victim was a member of a group that does not hide its belief that northern ireland should remain part of the united kingdom >> organizers say it will be a peaceful procession. as a result of the peace process, they have been obliged to reach their rates, so as not to antagonize the city's catholic residents. but those changes go too far, said the orangemen. >> we take our faith very strongly. it is an extension of our faith. we find that protestants here are being systematically obliterated, and our culture is being oppressed. >> there were not supposed to be playing music today because there march takes them past st. patrick's chu
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am PST
in a similar investigation. more trouble for greece. the country is on the verge of defaulting and eurozone leaders are reportedly delaying a decision on whether to give greece a bailout. protestors have been fighting the deep budget cuts greek leaders just approved this week. and now, reports say the eurozone leaders are said to be miles apart on another round of money greece needs by next week. one of the sticking points is how much debt relief greece should get and who will bear the loss from lower debt repayments. new estimates have been released regarding superstorm sandy's economic impact. "this storm will cost the coast around $50 billion in damages and economic loss. the state of new york, $33 billion in damage and economic loss." that was new york governor andrew cuomo. in related news, governor cuomo fired the state director of emergency management this week. cuomo says the director used a crew to remove a tree from his own home following the storm. meanwhile, the storm hurt revenues at united airlines. the airline said this week that revenue is down by $90 million. united was for
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
evening. it'll be up a few greece, little bit warmer. live view right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have clear conditions out there for this evening. we're looking clear into tomorrow morning, although we could see some patchy dense ground fog for the north bay valleys, especially along highway 101, and going into the late morning and afternoon, lots of sunshine. let some high thin clouds in our skies, as well, and temperatures to start out the day look at 30s and purple here for the north bay and the east bay with 40s by the bay. we'll start out with mid 40s san francisco and oakland, 40 for san jose and the coolest temperatures in the mid 30s livermore and fairfield in santa rosa, one degree above freezing for tonight. let you know what it's going to be like as we get into the afternoon coming up. >>> and coming up a candle light vigil for a murdered man. the family is seek justice. police are searching for the killer. >>> then the bay area honors military as thousands gather in the south bay for a big celebration. that's all next [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a ta
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
. >> it's going to be greece all this week. good news, bad news. those eurozone finance ministers gave an extra two years. so athens now has, well, from 2014, it now has a 2016 deadline to reach all those targets to cut their deficit. the bad news, those same finance ministers continue to postpone that extra chunk of bailout monday. >> wasn't it friday? >> well, they wanted it by this $40 billion, they wanted it this friday, because come this friday, athens has to pay out five billion in a loan repayment and it didn't have that money, i should say didn't have it up until a couple of hours ago because of this post point, they had to go back to the international money market. it should very short-term debt, it raised just a pinch over five billion dollars. little bit of breathing space. here's another problem, the eggs extra tension time frame will cost the eurozone a little bit more money. >> from them. >> from them. listen to this. >> the two year extension was widely expected and really good news. it means the pain will be eased over the short term. of course what it does mean is it w
FOX Business
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm EST
straight years in places like greece and was going on in the united states where we have had an anemic recovery after all the spending and printing money in the last four years it makes me realistic about what the prospects are for q1 and q2. david: which is why the gold stocks, etf gold miner stocks, gdf, junior gold miner stocks, david you haven't given up on stocks though, you are still big on equities. >> i think over the long-term equity market is the place to be. returns of six to 8% realistically and compare that too many in the bond market, simply not going to get you there. david: are you saying in 2013, which a lot of people are pessimistic, many say we will not have the great progress we had equities of 2013. speak i think we can get six to eight, 10 is pennies away from that. in hi's way including dividends, disagree. the economy is far too slow. china is slowing more than expected, europe has problems, nevertheless we will solve the fiscal cliff, going to a lot of heart ache and headaches before then, but ultimately leading tribute celebration modestly in the economy. the
FOX News
Nov 21, 2012 3:00pm PST
is not in the mail for greece. they are fee using to. they are causing fears of a default. >> they protested the pain over and over. the cuts greece has had to make to qualify for the bail-out money it needs have been unpopular. >> the german chance lar angela merkel in charge of the purse strings acknowledged the sacrifices. >> this is an important improvement we know the evident it's cost the government. >> but it's not enough. they could not agree to calf up the bail-out funding that greece needs. >> the res key plan is too tough for greece. the debt level for greece is shooting up more than expectations. we start with a new plan. >> the problem then becomes political. how do other european leaders explain to the beleaguered constituents while more money has to go to greece's bail bail-out? another headache for the united states. europe is a huge export market for america. greece is not the issue but how the bail-out is handled is a litmus test that america is watching. >> they should be aware what this would mean further down the road when the real country too big to failed but too big to be bail
FOX News
Nov 8, 2012 3:00pm PST
no. 9 of last year. the she cannot in the mail for greece's next bail-out payment. the money managers are not ready to release the installment. a general strike today following a night of violent protests. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is watching it play out from london. >> resistance to the budget cut in greece. the government voted in the wee hours of the morning to slash pension fan and cut salaries of french the police officers to judges. >> difficult vote. painful vote. we fully understand the situation of the people. >> the latest unemployment figures came out today. 25.4% overall. staggering 58% for the young. greece will go bankrupt if it doesn't get the next tranche of european bail-out money this month and it needed to make cuts to get cash. some experts say greece's problems alone don't have a direct impact on the united states economy. but the whole of the euro zone in crisis does. as america struggles to boost growth. >> there are issues with confidence. worsening of the euro zone would have global impact. that is something that the u.s. consumer canno
Nov 26, 2012 4:00am EST
europe is close to a deal on greece as ministers arrive for their latest summit in brussels. catalonia has pushed for independence. and a maim blow for the man fossa session. and two bank newcomers say the central bank says it has to do more to show it's serious about stimulating growth. and in the u.s., consumers filled up their shopping carts. early estimates show sales up 13% over the lost holiday weekend. >>> welcome to the start of a fresh trading week. kelly will be back tomorrow. catalonia voters have handed the majority to the separatists, but not necessarily the ones you thought. we'll assess the impact. and investors worry among protests over the egyptian president's attempt to increase his power base. and how much would it cost you to buy all items in the song 12 days of christmas? pnc wealth management will tell us why it's a lot more than you might think. plus shoppers hitting the net today, the year's biggest day for online purchases. we'll asset how much cash shoppers have left over after black friday's billion dollar be in an sa. bonanza. we have some confident data out
Nov 30, 2012 1:00pm EST
. >>> the german parliament approved a new bailout package for greece. meanwhile, unemployment hits a record high in the eurozone but european central bank chief mario draghi expects the economy to recover in that area in the latter half of next year. so what's ahead for debt stricken greece and the eurozone members? joining me here at the new york stock exchange, constantine mikalos, thns chathens chamber commerce president. approval of another bailout round of money for greece but some bailout money depends on the buyback of greek debt. do you think this is all going to happen just the way it's supposed to happen? spl well, greece has gone through its own cliffhanger. i think we've stopped right at the last hurdle and the decision to disperse this next tranche is a major vote of confidence for the greek economy. however, this -- >> it's contingent though. >> absolutely. absolutely. and this is what we're waiting actually to see what voluntary nature will this reduction of the public debt have in the sense that the national insurance and government organizations cannot possibly endure further ha
Nov 28, 2012 4:00am EST
. but yeah, those comments clearly not constructive. it is the number one problem now having got to greece effectively out of the way, spain is on the back burner. the u.s. fiscal cliff is the worry at the moment. >> for all the time we've already spent talk about it, the reaction seems to reflect the fact that an assumption that they will reach a deal is priced in and the fact that they might not is not. that's significant. >> i think that's absolutely right. people are assuming that a deal will get done. no one's really thinking that we're going to get this full 3.5%, 4% gdp hit smack into the economy on january 1st. the problem is that time is marching on. we've had the election, we've had thanksgiving. the excuses are running out. the lame-duck session is only so long. that's probably why the markets are getting nervous. although you may get a deal done in q-1 rather than in q-4, the fact that it actually hits from january 1st is going to keep business very cautious, very defensive and that's going to worry the equity market. >> it's interesting because it also comes against the landsc
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